T-shirt colors and requirements


Students must wear a LMC school t-shirt or polo according to the grade level colors.

 All t-shirts must be purchased at our school. (T-shirts are $7.00 each or you may purchase 3 shirts for $20.00.)

  1. Polo shirts may be purchased at a local store and may contain small emblems only.
  2. Shirt colors include:  GREEN (6th), NAVY BLUE (7th), and RED (8th) 
  3. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  4. Undershirts must be WHITE.


Pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts


  1. Pants must not have any holes, frays, or writing on them.
  2. Belts must be visible and fastened at all times.
  3. Pants/shorts must be worn around the waist with a belt (shoelaces are unacceptable belts).
  4. Pants, shorts, skirts and skorts must be khaki-tan, navy, black or jean.  No rips or frays. SHORTS, SKIRTS, and SKORTS must be hemmed, knee length.  No sweat pants or athletic shorts will be allowed outside P.E.


General Appearance


  1. Slides are not permissible.  Please wear appropriate footwear, per Polk County Public Schools Code of Conduct.
  2. Students shall wear clothing of appropriate size as determined by the principal or designee.
  3. Hats are not to be worn or brought onto campus.
  4. Blankets are not allowed.
  5. No bedroom slippers or pajamas are allowed.
  6. Students may not wear personal clothing over their uniforms.
  7. Jackets that button up or zip up from the front are permissible.
  8. Outerwear is not permissible.
  9. No trench coats are permitted


Winter Dress Code Information


Complete information on cold weather attire can be found by click on the links below.


English                    Spanish                    Haitian Creole


Other dress code rules:


Attire that disrupts the education process, threatens the learning environment, endangers the health and safety of students or any others will not be tolerated.


Students in violation of the dress code will not be allowed to attend classes or participate in after school activities until they meet the policies set forth by the LMC SAC committee.